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amuQ has released some demos during the last years. More demos will be released soon.

In Search of Happiness
This demo got 5th place in PC demo competition at The Party 2001 multimedia festival held in Danmark.
Download (9.6 Mb)
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Blue Moments
"Blue moments" got 13th place in Mekka&Symposium 2001 demo party in Germany.
Download (4.5 Mb)
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Christmas Greetings
This demo was released during Christmas 2000 together with TRSI.
Download (2.6 Mb)
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"Evolution" got 5th place in PC demo competition at Assembly 1999.
Download (4.9 Mb)
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Stadin Brankkari
This Game Boy Color demo got 2nd place at Mekka&Symposium 2001 demo party console demo competition.
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