(C) Copyright amuQ Creations 2001. All rights reserved.


Xmas 2k © by amuQ creations

"Xmas 2k" is a co-production between amuQ creations and TRSI

"Xmas 2k" is a co-production between amuQ creations and TRSI (Tristar & Red Sector, Inc.).

The demo was designed and scripted by vulc and the lazy one of amuQ, while the music was made by coaxcable/TRSI.

Where to get "Xmas 2k"

You can download evolution from this place (2.6 MB):

What happens in "Xmas 2k"

Here a description of all parts of "Xmas 2k" will follow:

Setup menu © by amuQ creations

First, when you launch evolution, you should be able to see the configuration menu of the demo system. Here you can change video adapters and resolutions, configure the sound device, look up information about your 3D accelerator and about the demo system itself. To finally launch the demonstration, press the "Run" button.

Intro scene © by amuQ creations

The first part starts in a snowy winter scene with small mountains, some tan trees and a hut with a reindeer. In the foreground, you can read some credits text.

Santa Rotozoomer with Metablobs © by amuQ creations

The next scene is a nice roto-zoomed Santa with some nice 3D meta blobs in the front, on which surfaces santa's head is reflected.

Present scene © by amuQ creations

In the next scene, you can see a neat small 3D scene embedded in a nice picture. The 3D scene shows a small living room with a christmas tree and some presents laying under it. Outside snow is falling down.

Reindeers © by amuQ creations

After that, there comes a nice scene with some flashing reindeers and the happy christmas and happy new year wishes.

End scroller scene © by amuQ creations

In the last scene, you see the snowy winter scene from the first part from top-down, with a wishings/credits/greetings scroller in the front.

After that you see the amuQ creation "Q" logo splash in and out.

What is DSYS2?

DSYS2 is an abbrevation for Demo System 2, which is a system which allows the creation of (3D) animations which can be shown in real time. Because DSYS2 is still under development, you can just check out some other demos made with it. You can get them from the CHEAT THE MACHiNE homepage, which can be found at www.amuq.net/ctm. The demos (re)made with DSYS2 are called "Anton 4 - find ich gut!" and "CTM - the older demos!".